About Us

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 I would like to tell you how we decided Quality Response Medical Staffing would be our signature slogan and name. Everyone always says "that a name speaks for itself" needless to say QRMS wasn't our first choice. After countless weeks, lunches, dinner's and wine our decision was made.

We chose "Quality" because of what it stands for: character, attribute, natural and how we plan to deliver the product. We felt that "Response" would be a perfect fit when reacting to situations or occurrences as they arise, and for QRMS being in control of a situation is a plus! Not saying that things may and can't become hectic, but having an awesome team beside you is a definite plus. Each member of our team comes with a specific skill set. They are team players working hard to take care of our clients and employees. We have a 24 hour call line for emergencies  so that our employees and clients can reach us. I've been on the other side and I know what its like to need help and can't get anyone on the phone until the following day or Monday if its a weekend. We stand behind our slogan "1st Priority is you! Taking pride in what we do!"