Should Businesses Put Employees in the Same Room?


Today's Topic!  Should businesses put co-workers in the same hotel room?

I would definitely have to disagree. I think that each individual should have an option regarding sleep arrangements. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like being put in an uncomfortable situation, especially when it comes to me sleeping in a room with a complete stranger. Just because you work with someone does not mean you know them. The company I worked with several years ago put me in a room with someone I didn't know or had even seen before. Number one, I was not happy with the arrangement, and number 2, I was not told that I would be sharing a room with someone.

A gentlemen i know said that his company gives their employees the option to share with someone or pay the difference meaning the company pays half and you pay the other half. I too have a slight problem with that since I'm traveling and representing the company, I think that my accommodations should be strictly on the company. I would love to hear your thoughts regarding today's topic.