Why I Started My Business

I started my business after many years of working and traveling. After being on assignment one Christmas I talked to my family about starting a staffing agency. We discussed all the different ways that we could make a difference in the staffing industry. Starting something new is never easy but if you are confident in yourself you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. The most important thing for me was having the support of my family. I started out as a phlebotomist eighteen years ago. Phlebotomy is where my passion lies, I was fascinated with the flow of blood  and the unique ways blood is tested and then getting an end result which leads to a diagnosis, the process simply amazing. Years later I decided to pursue nursing which also opened a lot of doors. Being able to understand both ends of the business gives me a whole new outlook on how I can help my clients and employees. Like my dad use to say, "until you have walked in my shoes you can't begin to understand". QRMS is in it's growing stages and we would love for you to grow with us. I have some amazing plans for this business, quitting is not an option! Follow me on this journey. 

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