Holiday Season


In today's blog we will be talking about the Holiday Season. As we approach Christmas, for many, it is a joyous time of the year, and for others it's a day they want to see disappear. Christmas is not about who gets the best present or how much money we have. Always remember that someone is taking their last breath while you are complaining. Christmas is my favorite time of the year mainly because I love to see everyone happy and healthy. Around the holiday season, giving is the most precious gift you can give. It does not have to be Monterey, there are numerous ways to give, it is truly the thought that counts. Many of us have lost loved ones around this time and it may seem hard, but remember they would not want for you to be sad or let their passing prevent you from enjoying the holidays, nor would our Lord and Savior. For those of you that are reading, I want to challenge you to do something for someone even if it seems small or insignificant, please try it. I promise your heart will be filled with joy just knowing that you helped put a smile on someone's face. Christmas is about expressing love for one another. We should not hold on to any negative feelings and remember Jesus is the reason for the season. God Bless you all and have a very Merry Christmas.

As Always we encourage you to share your thoughts about what you will be doing for Christmas!