Making Work Fun!

On Monday’s do you come into work with a smile or a frown? The average person may say a frown as we all know about the stigma of working on a Monday. But if you were to really think about it, why is it that our first day of the work week is an unpleasant one? Life is too short not to smile, so instead of seeing that Monday as the end of a fun weekend, try to reshape your thinking and see it as the start of a new productive week.

Another thing to consider is most individuals come to work just for the check while others just enjoy what they're doing. When you love your job it becomes more than a job. You see it as more than just a paycheck and it turns into a constant adventure. Some ways to get into this way of thinking, something as simple as looking in the bathroom mirror in the morning and saying "Today is gonna be a good day!" can turn the tides in a more positive direction. Sing in the car like you're headlining your own concert, and when people in other cars stare at you, sing even louder! Say "Good morning" to people you'd normally just pass by without a word. When you change the behavior the personally gradually follows suit. You'll be surprised how something as small as these can make such a big impact. Before you know it, you'll be looking forward to a Monday instead of dreading them.