Proving Yourself

I believe that all new businesses feel that they have to prove themselves in today's business society. You can't tell me the thought has never crossed your mind. I talked to a friend and he said  "it's not so much about proving yourself, but fear of something new is what scares them". So I started thinking and he was absolutely right.  I try to attend most of the network meetings to educate myself and the staff on different approaches and learning the rules and regulations as a new business owner. One day me and another business were applying for the same contract and the big question is what some of us fear most: "Why Should We Hire You?". The other company was feeling confident that they would win the contract. After they answered the question then it was my turn. I stood up greeted everyone and proceeded to speak.  "Even though they have over 20 years experience and my company has under 2 years that would be the only difference. Yes, they have a track record but, we offer the same quality. Our staff is just as experienced and qualified as there's if not more. We're asking for a chance to show you that our staff can perform to the fullest. I feel we stand out in other areas because of our unique way of communicating to our clients and staff when they are on assignment. The President and I leave our personal lines open to make sure that they are settled in and safe. If anything they will say that "while I was on assignment QRMS called me constantly".

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