Traveling Nurse, Med Tech, Phlebotomist, and More! The Good, Bad, & the Ugly!


I bet that we all have stories to tell about our traveling experiences. The good the bad and the ugly is the topic for today's blog. We as medical travelers know the highs and lows of our profession and sharing your experiences helps others by knowing what to do and what not to do! When you accept a travel assignment the first thing on your mind is the PAY Package, if our recruiter is putting our best interest to heart, the hospital setting, your housing, and most importantly the area we will live for the next 13 weeks. As a former traveler and now on the other end of the table, I can personally say that these are all important factors. I think as a traveling medical professional you want the assurance that at any given time you can call your recruiter. My first travel assignment was in Colorado Springs and I absolutely loved it. Everything about the agency was perfect! My recruiter called daily to check on me. This and many other experiences as a traveler help mold my company. I want my employees to know I truly care about them and that we are team players. One thing I did realize is that when you step into a new hospital, not saying all, but they think you're there to replace them and that's simply not the case. Our job is to help, not replace and that's what we stand for as a traveling medical professional. I did have one horrible experience with the arterial line and it reminds me constantly of what not to do. I don't really care to elaborate, but just know that experience was horrifying and is still stuck in the back of my head, so that was my ugly. I've trained other employees regarding the knowledge of the art line.

Your Feedback is welcomed and appreciated to help other Medical Professionals who are looking to expand by becoming a traveling Nurse, Med Lab Tech, Phlebotomist, cna, etc.